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Upload binaries for non-Windows builds to the symbol server


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For several years now we've been uploading binaries to the symbol server for Windows builds (bug 528092). Microsoft's debuggers know how to use symbol servers to locate binaries when debugging a minidump, so this provides a really nice experience where a developer can download a minidump from crash-stats, open it in a debugger, and have everything Just Work without having to manually locate the matching binaries and whatnot.

I'd like to work on making this work for other platforms as well. The first step will be uploading the binaries to the symbol server. I'd like to upload them with a simpler path so that we can just GET `<build id>/<filename>` for Linux binaries or `<UUID>/<filename>` for Mac binaries. We might actually just want to use the UUID for mac (see bug 1139356).
Product: Core → Firefox Build System
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