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Input clear icons does not match the design system


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On Windows the clear search input icon on about:preferences should be the same as on
There are 2: the search input and "Applications" search field that need to be updated.
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Hm, I get that icon on OSX, so I guess that might be platform-specific, though I wonder if it has to be, since we moved most of our icons away from being platform-specific with Photon. Is the icon we're using for OSX the one we want on all platforms? Maybe Amin knows?
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Yes, that is correct! With Photon, icons are (when possible) cross-platform. I just pushed online two versions for a clear text field icon, one for default text fields and one for smaller text fields. I also built a demo with a possible whimsical improvement Let me know if anything else is necessary!

p.s. These two new icon are still not visible on the website even if the Travis build succeeded, dunno why.
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Here the links for the clear text field icons (the website has finally been deployed): 
- for default/standard text fields use the 16x16px icon
- for small text fields use the 12x12px icon

In the linked demo in the prev comment you can find also the CSS with all the text field specs.
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Mentor: andrei.br92

If this hasn't been assigned yet, I'd really like to work on it.

(In reply to Paarmita Bhargava from comment #5)

If this hasn't been assigned yet, I'd really like to work on it.

That's great. I just assigned you.
What's required for this is to find the platform specific CSS used to style the clear button replace it to all point to the same image.
In this case the correct asset is that OSX uses

list-style-image: url(chrome://global/skin/icons/searchfield-cancel.svg);

This is found in

And you would need to move it to

And make all the other platforms point to the same icon. Right now they have platform specific styles like Windows:

And you also need to update these build specific files that tell the browser how to resolve the paths to the images
Should not be used anymore and it should be migrated to the "shared" file

Johann anything else I missed?

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Johann anything else I missed?

I think that's it. :)

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Paarmita, are you still working this or should we unassign you?


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Assignee: paarmita1998 → nobody
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Monika, would you be interested in taking this over? :)


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Yeah sure :)

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Hey, do I need to create new revision or update on same revision.

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I think that's mostly up to you, I would suggest creating a new revision so that you're in full control :)

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Thank you for your submission. The PR looks great I only had 1 request to remove the windows image file which now remains unused.

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Input clear icons does not match the design system r=andreio
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This should have been reviewed by a Firefox reviewer.

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