Open Bug 1430179 Opened 2 years ago Updated 27 days ago

Remove the now unused/ obsolete nsISound.playSystemSound() method


(Core :: Widget, enhancement, P5)





(Reporter: mikedeboer, Unassigned)


(Keywords: good-first-bug)

In bug 1401678, :bkelly noted that this method is no longer used in our codebase, so why not remove it?

This is quite possibly a good first or next bug, but I'm not sure whether it is for sure and which flags to set in this component to make that happen.
Priority: -- → P5
Keywords: good-first-bug
Hi. Can I work on this bug? This is my first contribution to Firefox and I would like to familiarize myself with the codebase and the contribution process.

Hi, would I be able to work on this bug?

Hi Can I work on this bug? I intend to work on the fix.

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