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allow for an easier to read treeherder relpro symbol


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Right now the treeherder symbol for any release promotion action is "Relpro". We have to click the taskId and dig into the task definition to figure if it's a promote_firefox or a push_devedition or a ship_fennec action.

We use json-e to build the task definition! Let's make the treeherder symbol dynamic.
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This patch will change the release promotion action treeherder symbol from 'Relpro' to one of the `release_promotion_flavors` [1]. Tested here [2].

[1] the dictionary keys of

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This looks great. I'm not sure what goes wrong if someone uses json-e to make the symbol >25 chars, but I expect that it just cuts off the symbol in treeherder or something?
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I'm not sure. I don't see any check in the treeherder repo, though I may be missing it. It may be a pulse or db limit.

I could:
- add a test in actions/, but that only helps the one action
- test a longer symbol on maple or try to see what happens :)
- add a test somewhere else in the taskgraph gen.
If you have extra free time and want to try it out just to see what happens, may as well. Otoh, I'm not particularly scared of the consequences so feel free to land :)
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allow for an easier to read treeherder relpro symbol. r=bstack
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