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Add .arcconfig to comm-central


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comm-central needs an .arcconfig for phabricator. Adding it in this bug.
It is actually possible to use phabriactor without using arc. I've been using along with to submit reviews.
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Bug 1430421 - Add .arcconfig to comm-central. r=tomprince

Tom Prince [:tomprince] has approved the revision.
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Interesting. I'm kind of wary to enable more experimental/unstable features, but it seems there will be some changes to the process anyway (I read gps is not happy about arc either). Let's still keep this given it is the current recommendation. I pushed my patch using that config and it worked well.
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Any instructions on how to import this patch? Surely it can't be "Download Raw Diff" :-( shows information about the process on how it is currently suggested, but of course a raw diff works as well if you don't want to go through installing arc.
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Hmm, that states:
Landing to git repositories is simple: ... and
Manually landing to mozilla-inbound is also straightforward: check out the inbound bookmark, ... (??)
How do I check out the "inbound bookmark", besides, the patch is not for Mozilla's inbound.

Getting the raw diff and then manually creating a path from it also appears a little inconvenient compared to "hg qimport" and certainly prone to errors or omissions.
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And I missed the newline at the end :-(
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Sigh, looks like the author uses a different e-mail address for HG. This shows that I needed three attempts to get it right. So for the time being I suggest not to use tools which aren't fully integrated.
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Add .arcconfig to comm-central. r=tomprince
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I'm sure with a little initial effort you'll find a quick way to do it, it is really not that complicated. As the author, I have updated my phabricator email address, so that part should be right next time.

As for the diff, setting up arcanist was fairly easy so there is that. Then you can also hg qimport (where the URL is copy link location from the raw diff).
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