Thunderbird auto-converts ^ followed by a number for no reason in body



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Steps to reproduce:

I received an EPP code (which is a string of random characters) and it included a ^ sign followed by a number.

Actual results:

After trying that EPP code and seeing it was refused, I noticed Thunderbird actually auto-converts ^ followed by, say number 3, to the actual exponent3 [³] corrupting the code I was expecting to receive.

Expected results:

Why is Thunderbird doing this? It's super annoying.  If somebody sends me ^3 I expect to see ^3 not ³.

Comment 1

a month ago
This is intentional. TB converts some plaintext content to formatting, like *bold*, _underline_ and superscripts.

That's been established behaviour for a long time, so it would he hard to change that now.

However, maybe in a long text string the ^ shouldn't be converted, so abc^3def should be left alone. What was the string?

I closed bug 1356194 as invalid, but perhaps there should be a preference. Sadly the code that does this is in Mozilla-core,
See Also: → bug 1356194

Comment 2

a month ago
Well, an EPP code could look like this: X5*M6@R5^3/65JDX

What happened is the ^3 appeared like this when I tried to copy/paste that code into the app: X5*M6@R5³/65JDX

So obviously that led to an error until I found out that by looking at the email source, it was really: X5*M6@R5^3/65JDX

I think this should be mitigated with a solution like: If ^NUMBER preceeds or succeeds a SPACE character, then apply the formatting but if there's an alpha character (letter) collapsed with it, then don't apply the formatting and leave it as is.

Makes sense?


a month ago
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