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Firefox app name seems strange (org.mozilla.firefox_beta) and shares battery usage data due to shared ID


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I noticed this when trying to figure out which app was running down my Pixel battery. See attached screenshot - while beta shows with the long string name, Firefox Nightly shows correctly (although you cannot see it in the screenshot)
Attaching another screenshot, this time showing the Firefox app name showing similar to the Beta name.
I don't experience that with a Samsung s8 (but the battery app is pretty different from the regular android)
I am running on a Pixel, using Android 8.1.0.
Just guessing, but this might be because Release and Beta are sharing an Android user ID (like Aurora and Nightly used to). I'm not seeing anything strange for battery usage on my phone, but for data usage Firefox and Firefox Beta are grouped together and shown as org.mozilla.firefox.sharedID:10130 in the overview if both of them are installed.
 - Google Pixel (8.1.0);
 - Nexus 5 (6.0.1);
 - Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (5.0.1);

Hello, this was also noticeable on all of the above mentioned devices.
Also checked on a HTC 10 where the names were properly displayed.
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Hardware: Unspecified → All
Version: Firefox 59 → Trunk
See Also: → 1437871
Bogdan, do you only see this with both release and beta installed?
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Hello, I had both Release and Beta installed, tried uninstalling one or the other on the devices but that didn't change how the names were displayed.
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And if you uninstall both first and then only reinstall one of them?
@Jan, the name is displayed correctly in that case.
Some additional information of things that I noticed while testing this:
 - while both Beta and Release are running all battery usage was logged for only one of the applications (in my case Beta since it was the first one that I launched)
 - the name for the app is properly displayed until I close and reopen the other app and battery usage starts being logged for the other application
[triage] Non-critical – users must have two versions of Firefox installed, including a pre-release version (beta), which is unlikely. Beta users are expected to be more tech savvy too.
Priority: -- → P3
Summary: Firefox app name seems strange (org.mozilla.firefox_beta) → Firefox app name seems strange (org.mozilla.firefox_beta) and shares battery usage data due to shared ID
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