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Don't discard the back buffer in ClientSingleTiledLayerBuffer


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When we play the full-screen video from , the video's progress bar will change the width every frame.

Gecko uses single tiled layer for the progress bar. If the buffer doesn't have an intermediate buffer, it will be discarded at the end of painting[1].
Then, gecko needs to allocate a new buffer again at the next frame.

Here is the profile data to show the heavy task at content side.

And this profile skip the buffer discarding.

Blocks: 1383292
We should only show the warning message when we have the on-white buffer.

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don't discard the back buffer in ClientSingleTiledLayerBuffer.

I don't know why we need to discard the back buffer. If we have the changes in next frame, we will need to allocate the buffer again. In comment 0, there is a case that will change the single tile layer's content. The profile data shows that it spends a lot of time for buffer allocation and repainting. If we skip the discarding for "non-intermediate" buffer, the profile looks better. This change might increase the memory usage.
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Don't discard the back buffer in ClientSingleTiledLayerBuffer. r=mattwoodrow
Move the gfx warning to the correct position. r=mattwoodrow
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