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Shield about:preferences test fails "Clicking the view studies link opens about:studies"


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Running the tests in browser/extensions/shield-recipe-client/test/browser/browser_about_preferences.js fails "Clicking the view studies link opens about:studies" with "Got about:preferences#privacy, expected about:studies":

>TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | browser/extensions/shield-recipe-client/test/browser/browser_about_preferences.js | Clicking the view studies link opens about:studies. - Got about:preferences#privacy, expected about:studies
>Stack trace:

The test run also finds an unexpected tab at the end of the test run:

>TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | browser/extensions/shield-recipe-client/test/browser/browser_about_preferences.js | Found an unexpected tab at the end of test run: about:studies - 

It looks like the test expects about:studies to open in the same tab, whereas it actually opens in a new tab.  Unlike bug 1430396, this is not a regression from bug 1379338, as it happens on a build from before that landed.

Assuming the current behavior is actually the expected behavior, here's a patch that updates the test to look for about:studies in the new tab (and closes that tab afterward).
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expect about:studies to open in a new tab

Review of attachment 8943446 [details] [diff] [review]:

I think the current behavior is expected, and updating the tests to match is a good idea. If nothing else, fixing the tests seems easier than changing the behavior.
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expect about:studies to open in a new tab; r=mythmon
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