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Use :first-child instead of [first-tab] after removal in bug 480813


(Thunderbird :: Toolbars and Tabs, enhancement)

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Thunderbird 60.0


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Bug 480813 removed the [first-tab] attribute we used.
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I'm using now :first-child. I fixed also the left border of the first tab on Mac and Win 7 Aero and Win 8.

In we use also the "first-tab" but I don't know how to change this to the pseudo class. Jörg, please can you have a look and fix this test?
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That's calendar magic which I don't understand either :-(
Calendar people, can you please assist asap, since this will be causing test failures.
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Yes, left border on Win7 Aero fixed, otherwise no difference, working fine. Landing this now to avoid a bad Daily later.
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Use :first-child instead of [first-tab] after removal in bug 480813. r=jorgk
As expected:
TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /builds/worker/workspace/build/tests/mozmill/testTodayPane.js | testTodayPane.js::testTodayPane
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Only failed on Linux and Mac??
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I'll have a as soon as build with this change is finished.
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Fails on Windows too, just not on TaskCluster(??).

Thanks Markus, not a huge problem.
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As this tab is always the first one, we can just take [0] here to select the first tab.
Assignee: richard.marti → Mozilla
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I'm stealing this review. This looks very reasonable, thanks for the quick action, much appreciated.
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Oh, I also ran the test locally ;-)
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Use [0] to address the first tab after removal of "first-tab" in bug 480813. r=jorgk
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