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[meta] DevTools actors cleanup


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(2 obsolete files)

Follow up to RFC 33 at

The goal is to improve the readability of the files in devtools/server/actors. Ideally each actor should be in a separate file. Helper classes or functions should be extracted when it makes sense.

This should not be handled as a mass refactor. We should focus on the biggest and most problematic files and avoid splitting everything without consulting others.

Good candidates for splitting are:

- (at least extract DocumentWalker)
- (defines 6 different actors)
- (defines several actors and helper classes)
- (defines two actors)
- (extract DebuggerProgressListener)
- (defines two actors)
Attached patch pso.patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
will attach a try run when the tree is open is `mochitest-e10s-dt` a good suite?
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Attached patch refactor-script.patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Refactor the script actor

     - Extract paused scoped objects.
     - Extract event loop stack. r=jdescottes
     - Extract actor stores. r=jdescottes
     - Move script.js to actor.js. r=jdescottes
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Thanks for working on the script actor Jason! Since this is a meta bug, I'm moving everything to a dedicated bug. Bug 1435187
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Alias: split-devtools-actors
Depends on: 1449188
Product: Firefox → DevTools
Summary: [meta] DevTools actors cleanup: renaming and refactoring in smaller files → [meta] DevTools actors cleanup
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