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This probably doesn't belong here and I'm sorry. There should be a suggestion feature linked to the pages because this is technically a suggestion. 

I was looking at the Date pages and there is a stark difference between your pages and the PHP manual pages: you have only provided examples that you think are useful. PHP documentation provides user content that shows various implementations of the task you are looking up. It's probably the most valuable aspect of any support page.

Suggestion: Please allow a special "Approved Comments" field to each page where users can submit practical examples from the field that employ the current term. This would make your content 1 million times better. This would be even more so true if you had links to those approved comments as embedded JS-Fiddle examples or Codepen examples so that a user could fork the example and work with it to learn. 

Sorry that this is in the wrong place. Please send it where it belongs. Thanks.
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