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Ensure that Synced Tab result appears above History result for the same item


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Currently when you enter in a fragment of a title or URL of a page that exists in history, and is also open on another device, the History item shows first.

We should probably bump up the prominence of the Synced Tab result, as an open tab is likely more relevant than History.
I've been meaning to file this bug myself! P1 assuming it's a simple weight-bumping change, but we can reconsider if it's more involved than that.
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Priority: -- → P1
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it's not a simple weight bump, because synced tabs come from an alien source that cannot mixed up with frecency. We can decide to present them before or after other results. We currently do that after, moving it before other results would be trivial. Though, I suppose it would be wrong to present this before an adaptive result (that comes from previous user selections), thus what we could do is: adaptive, remote tab, others. This should be easy enough to do.
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I still have to check Try.
It's possible this somehow bitrots with the autofill patch. We can delay this in case.
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Bug 1433938 - Move Synced Tab matches above general history matches in the Address Bar.

::: toolkit/components/places/PlacesUtils.jsm:434
(Diff revision 2)
> +  parseActionUrl(url) {
> +    if (url instanceof Ci.nsIURI)
> +      url = url.spec;
> +    else if (url instanceof URL)
> +      url = url.href;
> +    if (!url.startsWith("moz-action:"))

If you're going to add a MOZ_ACTION_REGEX const/getter, then maybe add one for "moz-action:" that you can use here and above in mozActionURI()?

Actually why not just skip this startsWith() here and let the match() handle this case below?
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I'd just expect startsWith being more efficient than a regex. I didn't verify that though.
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Move Synced Tab matches above general history matches in the Address Bar. r=adw
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Depends on: 1439787
Can reproduce this issue in Firefox 59.0.3 (20180427210249) on Windows 10x64.

This issue can no longer be reproduced on Firefox 61.0b1 (20180428110614) on Windows 10x64.

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