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Steps to reproduce:

I am developing a web-based app that allows the user to press Ctrl-S to save the document. We use event.preventDefault() on the key down event which usually prevents the browser's "Save As" dialog from appearing.

Sometimes, though, the user needs to be authenticated and we subsequently use to open the appropriate window for them to renew their security token.

Actual results:

After the second window opens, the "Save As" dialog appears, despite the fact we've already called event.preventDefault(). (I saved it out of curiosity and it was a file called index.html that contained just a content-type meta tag in the head and an empty body.)

I confirmed this behaviour did not happen in Chrome 64.0.3282.119, IE 11.850.15063.0 or Edge 40.15063.674.0.

Expected results:

The "Save As" dialog should not appear, because event.preventDefault() had been called on the keyboard event.


19 days ago
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Comment 1

15 days ago
As I think more about this now, I think the problem is not so much with preventDefault. In the other browsers I tested, the "Save As" dialog never appeared, even when I commented out the code that called preventDefault.

I think the broader issue is with events from one window being passed on to the second one when is used. In this scenario at least, I don't think the second window should receive the events.
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