No way to specify GitHub login in mozillians



Participation Infrastructure
24 days ago
18 days ago


(Reporter: hwine, Unassigned)





24 days ago
There is no way for a user to enter their GitHub login onto their mozillians profile. Many "external account" options are listed, but GitHub is not one.

Note: some people will have multiple GitHub logins they will want to enter.

Since GitHub is our primary source for contributor code contributions these days, it seems odd that we have no way to let folks identify their account.

Also, as an owner of various GitHub organizations, I have several use cases that require a linkage between github user name and a email to contact that user at. (GitHub allows the user to keep their email address private.)

Ideally, this information would be available based on using GitHub as a verified identity (that's another bug). But a "user entered" value is better than nothing.


24 days ago
See Also: → bug 1434428
See Also: → bug 1423606
Looks to me that Bug 1423606 also fits this problem domain.
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