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Keep a different set of prefs for the browser console and the web console filter state


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We currently keep separate prefs for the two UIs so that if you change a filter in one it doesn't affect the other. This is done by having a copy of each pref, but prefixed with 'browserconsole' instead of 'webconsole':
For the new frontend we currently keep the filter prefs names in constants.js (

I'm not sure where the right place to inject the variable pref names would be (see callers here: We could keep another set of constants for the browser console and then have all the callers check hud.isBrowserConsole before accessing the pref value, or have some way to inject prefs into the calling code rather than having them access constants directly. Or, something else I'm not thinking of. Nicolas, any thoughts?
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Ideally, I'd like us to use the same constants in the callers code, no matter if we are in the webconsole or the browserconsole.
Could we imagine something like a pref prefix that would reflect whether or not we are in the browser console ?
All the webconsole pref start with "devtools.webconsole.", so we could have a 

const PREF_PREFIX = isBrowserConsole() ? "devtools.browserconsole" : "devtools.webconsole.";
const prefs = {
  PREFS: {
    FILTER: {
      ERROR: `${PREF_PREFIX}filter.error`,
      WARN: `${PREF_PREFIX}filter.warn`,

What do you think ?
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Bug 1435092 - Add a util object to manage preferences; .

::: devtools/client/webconsole/new-console-output/store.js:82
(Diff revision 2)
>        enableNetProvider(hud)
>      )
>    );
>  }
> +function customThunkMiddleware(options = {}, { dispatch, getState }) {

We are the only consumer of the shared 'thunk' module. We should either delete the module or modify it to suit our needs and continue to use it. Given the size of the module I'd suggest to delete it and then rename the function defined here from `customThunkMiddleware` to just `thunk`
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Bug 1435092 - Fix mocha tests broken due to changes to prefs; .

Makes sense to unify with devtools-modules Services shim
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Add a util object to manage preferences; r=bgrins.
Fix mocha tests broken due to changes to prefs; r=bgrins.
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