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STATIC_LIBS are linked into static and shared libraries in a directory where we build both


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I noticed when diffing the results of a build with some patches for bug 1429875 with a build without them that we're linking stdc++compat in a different order in the gtest libxul as a result. As far as I can tell the current behavior isn't really intended: stdc++compat apparently ends up on the command line for libxul-gtest as a result of it being in the library descriptor for libxul_s.a, which is a result of the shared library in that directory putting it in STATIC_LIBS.

I don't know if this is happening for any other libraries or if it's doing any harm at all.
This comes up because we're linking stdc++compat to libxul_s.a counter to the checks added in bug 1423802
This will be fixes as a part of bug 1429875. I have a patch that forces the object file order to be the same before/after that lands I'll post there for posterity.
Closed: 2 years ago
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