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Make talos/scripts/MozillaFileLogger.js not use enablePrivileges


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This file implements a logger that can be used from content, and uses enablePrivileges. However, I think it can't be e10s compatible, because it creates a file in the content process, unless sandboxing is disabled for Talos. If that's really the case, then maybe I could just remove it entirely?
Joel, does comment 0 sound right to you?
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talos runs in e10s mode on all platforms, I am not aware of sandboxing being disabled.  The logger is used to log from tests and addons- I am happy to see this changed to remove older APIs or support newer methods- Luckily with this I do not think there are any edge cases- just make sure the talos tests run successfully.
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I think it is easy enough to make it work, so I'll leave it alone. I know there's some logging I use regularly that doesn't work unless you disable sandboxing.

MozillaFileLogger.js calls enablePrivilege at the top level, and some code that getInfo.html runs (in a different file, it should be noted) seems to implicitly depend on it. I'm not sure what yet.
The "talos.logfile" pref, which is where this logs to, is always set to "browser_output.txt" as far as I can tell. The only directory that we have write access to on macOS is the content temp directory (and this is going away soon!), so unless the pwd (or wherever "browser_output.txt" is relative to) is the content temp directory, there's already no way this is working with the macOS sandbox today.
we need to think of android as well; technically android has an old version of pageloader, but we will be running more tests on android this year
I'm not looking at this right now. Hopefully I'll get around to it at some point if nobody else does....
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