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Remove NO_EM_RESTART from test harnesses


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Various harness/runner/test automation support files set the environment variable NO_EM_RESTART, but it looks like this is unused in Firefox.
need to remove NO_EM_RESTART from file only or from everywhere?
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I think NO_EM_RESTART should be removed from everywhere.

It looks to me like support for using NO_EM_RESTART was removed way back in Since then various test harnesses and test runners have been setting it or ensuring that it is not set, but as far as I can tell, this environment variable has no effect on Firefox.

Do you want to take this? Otherwise, I can clean this up this week.
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Assignee: nobody → 1991manish.kumar
This is my first testing bug, I am taking this.
After removing the NO_EM_RESTART, How can I test the changes?
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Thanks Manish.

To test quickly, I suggest first running some 'mach test' commands locally. 

If that doesn't obviously break, run a few test jobs on try: A variety of test suites -- perhaps a talos, a mochitest, a reftest task -- on a variety of platforms, including at least Android and osx. To set this up I would use 'mach try fuzzy'.
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Please review!
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Review of attachment 9005476 [details] [diff] [review]:

This looks great, except for the minor lint problem.

Also, did you run some tests on try? I'd like to see a link to that.

::: testing/mozbase/mozrunner/mozrunner/base/
@@ +29,4 @@
>             'MOZ_LOG': 'signaling:3,mtransport:4,DataChannel:4,jsep:4,MediaPipelineFactory:4',
>             'R_LOG_LEVEL': '6',
>             'R_LOG_DESTINATION': 'stderr',
> +           'R_LOG_VERBOSE': '1',}

'mach lint' reports a problem here:

  32:32  error  missing whitespace after ','  E231 (flake8)

You can probably just add a space, like:

   'R_LOG_VERBOSE': '1', }
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I tried './mach test' which is not working!

Please check updated patch!
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Review of attachment 9005613 [details] [diff] [review]:

I ran 'mach test testing/mochitest/tests/Harness_sanity' and similar commands -- all fine.

Here's a try push:

This looks great. Thanks!

Do you need help with check-in?
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> Do you need help with check-in?
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Remove NO_EM_RESTART from test harnesses; r=gbrown
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