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Add .mailmap file to mozilla-central


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Documentation about .mailmap:

A file named .mailmap in the root of the git repository can be used to rewrite the names and emails of authors in the repository's history under some situations, such as when viewing `git blame`. This can be useful for a few cases:

1. Correcting names and emails of contributors from old commits (such as ones) to point to the modern email and name of that contributor.
2. Fixing typos in names and emails which exist in commit history.
3. Updating an individual's name when it changes, for example due to marriage or a transition.

Unfortunately, .mailmap files are not currently respected by hg, to my knowledge, and not all git commands respect them by default. (for example, git show needs the --mailmap flag to be passed to respect mailmap settings).

I've attached a patch to add a .mailmap file to the mozilla-central repository. This patch rewrites my deadname to instead reflect my current name and email, which ideally should help people using git blame to find the correct person when they come across older code I wrote.
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