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[wpt-sync] PR 9422 - [css-typed-om] update CSSUnparsedValue.idl


(Core :: DOM: CSS Object Model, enhancement, P3)




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firefox60 --- fixed


(Reporter:, Assigned: jgraham)


(Whiteboard: [wptsync upstream error])

1. replace "DOMString or CSSVariableReferenceValue" with
 CSSUnparsedSegment using typedf keyword.
2. using sequence<> keyword instead of "..." in constructor

Bug: 807525
Change-Id: I99c11c26dd2235e46e259e63991d0192a025bcb4

WPT-Export-Revision: 0114692f85a4a69616b5a4bc88e54fae6092db30
Component: web-platform-tests → DOM: CSS Object Model
Product: Testing → Core
Whiteboard: [wptsync downstream] → [wptsync downstream error]
[ Triage 2017/02/20: P3 ]
Priority: -- → P3
Whiteboard: [wptsync downstream error] → [wptsync downstream]
Ran 18 tests and 67 subtests
OK     : 18
PASS   : 2
FAIL   : 65
Pushed by
[wpt PR 9422] - [css-typed-om] update CSSUnparsedValue.idl, a=testonly
[wpt PR 9422]- Update wpt metadata, a=testonly
Whiteboard: [wptsync downstream] → [wptsync upstream error]
Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla60
After backing out the wpt tests started mass failing as you can see on this push  

I decided to backout all the changesets from the original push because of this mass wpt failures.
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Resolution: FIXED → ---
Target Milestone: mozilla60 → ---
The changes landed in this bug back out various changes made in bug 1364025 (idlharness.js, payment-request/interfaces.https.html).  That led to some of the test failures.  Merge fail of some sort?  I don't see those backouts in ...
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So the way landings work is that we copy upstream and then reapply local changes that haven't landed yet. This limits how badly things can go wrong in the long term since we can only diverge from upstream by a known amount (compared to the strategy where we copy across patches from upstream). But it does have the failure case where we fail to reapply something from mozilla-central so a change gets lost until we sync to an upstream point where it has landed. I think is what went wrong here. It isn't helped by the fact that we're somewhat behind upstream at the moment as we fix some bugs, so there are  a lot of things to reapply.

Anyway I've redone the branch manually and I think it's right now, so when this relands I
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Pushed by
[wpt PR 9422] - [css-typed-om] update CSSUnparsedValue.idl, a=testonly
[wpt PR 9422]- Update wpt metadata, a=testonly
Closed: 4 years ago4 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla60
Assignee: nobody → james
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