Memory alarm pulse orange-antelope-03



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a year ago

In past 3 days, MOC received alerts for Memory alarm pulse orange-antelope-03 with around 90% memory.

Filed bug for tracking.
Pulse is a public service this bug should be open.
Group: mozilla-employee-confidential

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a year ago
log on #moc 

Feb. 7th 
<mcote> moc: I'm monitoring the pulse alerts btw
10:24 N<•nli> mcote: thanks
10:24 M<mcote> Unless they spike I will deal with them tomorrow

Feb. 8th 
<mcote> moc: I'm still looking into those pulse alerts. Thought it was from the large number of queued messages so deleted a bunch of wires queues today, but apparently that's not it
08:19 Might try rebooting one of the nodes later, after I'm back home
08:26 S<•sal> mcote: rgr! I was reading that thread

<mcote> rebooted node3 of pulse...
09:39 S<•sal> mcote: ty for the heads up 
09:39 let see what happens 
09:40 M<mcote> looking better
09:41 node 2 is okay, but I'm going to reboot node 1 as well
09:43 okay things look better right now, though memory usage just climbed a bit... will keep an eye on it

<ashlee> mcote: please reach out to me with any further updates regarding pulse.
10:06 M<mcote> sure thing
10:06 *seems* to be stable now
10:06 S<•sal> yup and last alert was at 1725pst
10:07 M<mcote> if still a little high
10:07 A<•ashlee> 90%
10:08 S<•sal> ashlee: did another one come in? 
10:08 i cant see 
10:09 A<•ashlee> 17:25, sal, you’re right
10:10 M<mcote> interestingly usage never went more than 91% I think
10:10 or 92%
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