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Currently when activating the build system virtualenv, sys.executable will still point to the original executable. This can cause problems for consumers who expect sys.executable to run from the build system virtualenv. This first came up around a year ago here:

Though we never ended up solving it for the general case.

Recently I landed this patch:

I forgot that sys.executable doesn't point to the virtualenv python, and we'll now be installing flake8 with the system pip.. oops! I'd like to just get this fixed in the general case.
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Bug 1436777 - Set sys.executable to virtualenv python in VirtualenvManager.activate,

Here be dragons.

I'm pretty sure I attempted to do this once. It was either backed out for causing problems or I dug into what virtualenv was doing under the hood and realized it would be a bad idea. I may even have an email thread with Ian Bicking (original author of virtualenv) about it.

What I recall is that `sys.executable` is supposed to refer to the current Python executable. Various things key off of this. Enough that changing it so it "lies" can cause problems. And in this case, we would be lying because the *current* process is a non-virtualenv binary.

I also recall that virtualenv and other tools set additional attributes on `sys` (such as `sys.real_prefix`) when virtualenvs are activated. I can't recall if the virtualenv's `python` somehow stores a pointer to the *real* Python it was derived from. But if it does, than the naive/simple switch of `sys.executable` is incomplete.

I'm fine with having an option to change `sys.executable` when a virtualenv is activated. I just don't think it can be the default. So an optional named argument to `activate()` seems like one solution.

A better solution would be to use `VirtualenvManager.python_path` everywhere in place of `sys.executable`. But, yeah, `sys.executable` is convenient. So setting it for cases where we know it works is easier than passing the Python path through several function calls. That's why I'm OK optionally updating `sys.executable` when the virtualenv is activated.
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Ok, in that case I'll WONTFIX. We can either pass down python_path, or if that happens to be extra inconvenient we can always set sys.executable manually after calling activate.
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In case anyone stumbles across this, a third alternative is to use sys.prefix to find the python (which does get modified):
os.path.join(sys.prefix, 'bin', 'python')          # linux/osx
os.path.join(sys.prefix, 'Scripts', 'python.exe')  # Windows
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