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Use a separate event target for docgroups


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Currenltly DocGroup::EventTargetFor delegates to TabGroup::EventTargetFor. This means that bug 1436743 and bug 1436742 are less effective than they could be, because they only recognize events that are dispatched directly to the docgroup. I have a patch that I'm rebasing that adds a separate event target for the docgroup so the events dispatched to the event target are charged to the docgroup as expected.
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This is all very liberally copied and modified from SchedulerGroup's implementation. If there's a better way to share the code, I'm open to it.
Try build for just this patch in particular suggests I need to spend some time chasing leaks:
Comment on attachment 8949537 [details] [diff] [review]
Give docgroups event targets indepedent of their associated tabgroups

Review of attachment 8949537 [details] [diff] [review]:

I think a better approach here would probably be to make DocGroup inherit from SchedulerGroup - it seems like it'd be cleaner, and it would help with avoiding unnecessary code duplication.
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Realistically I am not working on this. The better approach from comment 5 was not straightforward, so I moved on to other things.
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