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[Ubuntu] Space inconsistency between characters inside Simplify Page


(Toolkit :: Printing, defect, P3)

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Tracking Status
firefox-esr52 --- unaffected
firefox58 --- unaffected
firefox59 --- disabled
firefox60 --- fixed


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[Affected versions]:
- 60.0a1 (2018-02-08)

[Affected platforms]:
- Ubuntu 16.04 x32
- Ubuntu 16.04 x64
- Ubuntu 14.04 x64

[Steps to reproduce]:
1. Open Firefox.
2. Go to
3. Open the Print preview page from menu bar
4. Click on the Simplify page button
5. Observe the characters (especially around “g” and “t” characters)

[Expected result]:
- Characters are displayed uniform, there is no space inconsistency between them.

[Actual result]:
- There are noticeable space gaps and overlapped characters inside random words, more visible around “g” and “t” characters.

[Regression range]:
- This seems to be regression as I cannot reproduce it on FF 57.0 (12.11.2017). I will follow-up with a regression range asap.

[Additional notes]:
- Note that this issue is more noticeable on x32 platforms, and also its severity depends on the chosen article, in some cases it is barely perceivable.
- We encounter the same behaviour regardless if the page is displayed in Portrait or Landscape mode.
- In Reader view mode, the characters are properly displayed.
- Windows 10 x64 is not affected by this problem.
- Other websites affected:,
In Beta59, the Simplify page button is disabled by pref "print.use_simplify_page".
If forcibly enabled the preference, then I can also reproduce the text rendering issue on Beta59.0b8.
Duplicate of bug 1435234?
(In reply to Gian-Carlo Pascutto [:gcp] from comment #3)
> Duplicate of bug 1435234?

If so, then I believe this should be fixed now. Hey Alice0775 White, can you confirm that this issue is fixed?
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Priority: -- → P3
Yes, Recent 60.0b12 and Nightly61.0a1 are much better than the before(the bad build of comment#1). It seems to have been fixed.
Flags: needinfo?(alice0775) → needinfo?(ciprian.georgiu)
I can confirm on my side too, that on the latest Beta (60.0b13) and latest Nighly (60.0a1 - 2018-04-17), the issue looks way better now, the still existing inconsistencies are barely noticeable.
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Closed: 5 years ago
Depends on: 1435234
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla60
(In reply to Ciprian Georgiu, QA [:ciprian_georgiu] from comment #0)
> [Steps to reproduce]:
> 1. Open Firefox.
> 2. Go to

For the record -- it looks like the actual page involved here (not which is simply a redirector) is:

--> setting that in URL field
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