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[Tracking] work required for signing language packs via AMO for releases.


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(firefox-esr60 fixed, firefox60+ fixed, firefox61 fixed)

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firefox-esr60 --- fixed
firefox60 + fixed
firefox61 --- fixed


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(Whiteboard: [releng:q22018])

There will need to be work across multiple teams in order to facilitate Release Engineering submitting created language packs to AMO for signing, and pushing the resulting packs to archive.m.o.

Currently releng builds language packs and puts them up on archive.m.o then a human (via script) downloads them and signs them against AMO and lists them on AMO. This work is to cut out middle men and the release delays in language packs being available on AMO.

Not in scope: Nightly language pack signing, -- While possible to come out of this as a "minor extra work" its not explicitly a goal.

In Scope: Having signed language packs ready for ESR60.

Timeline: Likely to miss Gecko 60 beta, and could require relatively large uplifts.
If this is something planned and must for 60, I think it makes sense to track it as a blocker for 60 so we review the timeline/readiness regularly.
Where can I read more about why this must make 60?
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(In reply to Julien Cristau [:jcristau] from comment #2)
> Where can I read more about why this must make 60?

One of the drivers was but there is also
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Depends on: 1441352
Depends on: 1441353
Depends on: 1441357
Depends on: 1441358
Depends on: 1441359
Depends on: 1441360
Depends on: 1450107
We're getting there, but enforcing signed langpacks won't happen until 61 and 60.1esr, so dropping the blocking flag for 60.0.
Depends on: 1455100
Depends on: 1455337
Depends on: 1455362
Whiteboard: [releng:q22018]
Depends on: 1459050
Component: General → Release Automation: Other
QA Contact: catlee
Calling this fixed as far as 60 is concerned.
What's the status for 61+ here?
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for 61+ we sign and upload signed copies of language packs, I'm not certain if the inquiry was also about "we require signing" though, so I'm sending off to :aswan to confirm that side of the project "just in case"
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In bug 1454141 we made it so signed langpacks are required by default.  The requirement cannot be disabled on release and beta, but it can be disabled on all other channels.  That bug landed in 61 and was uplifted to ESR 60.1.
If I misunderstood the question, apologies and please re-needinfo me.
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