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Validate sync shutdown pings are sent to pipeline


(Toolkit :: Telemetry, enhancement, P1)




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firefox60 --- affected


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We should make sure that the fix from bug 1437120 has the expected effect on the Nightly population.

I assume that previously we received none or few "shutdown" pings from sync.
If so, we should be able to verify that we see "most" shutdown pings from sync users now.
Mark, is someone on your team able to verify this?
We should probably wait a few days (until end of week?) to get some data flowing in first.
Depends on: 1436657
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See Also: → 1436657
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Mark has already done some preliminary investigation on this, which I can't seem to locate, but it indicated positive things. Since he can probably rerun that analysis (instead of having me write one from scratch), I'll leave this to him.
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Depends on: 1437120 looks like there are far more pings coming in now than before the patch. Beta hasn't quite caught up, but I guess that's due to a slightly slower release schedule for beta (ie, that we should expect it to get back to normal eventually.

Georg, is this roughly what you were expecting to see, and if so, please close/verify this!

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This looks good, thanks!
While it is possible to look deeper, this seems to very clearly show the original issue and the recovery.
Closed: 5 years ago
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