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ADI for nightly are weird after 2018-01-23


(Cloud Services :: Operations: Kinto, task)

Not set


(Not tracked)



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ADI are computed in using blocklist pings.
As you can see on [1], before the 01-23 we've weekly bumps and after no more (see [2] for the full graph).
The ADI used to build the graph are retrieved in using Socorro API (see [3]). 
:jason, do you have any idea to explain these changes ? 

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See Also: → 1440314
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This looks like a dupe of bug 1439526 to me. Do all these dashboards use ADI processing? Are the scripts accessible somewhere? I'm happy to try to help get a patch so that the 304s do not disturb log processing, but I'd need access to what's generating these things (and even 'these' things, in some cases...).
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(In reply to :Gijs from comment #1)
> Do all these dashboards use ADI processing?

My brain is on post-lunch hiatus, apparently. I meant blocklist http access log processing.
I am a consumer of these dashboards, not the producer, I think I got access via Sheeri Cabral years ago, I don't know who built the scripts but maybe somebody in the #metrics channel on slack knows?
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After few searches, it seems that data are retrieved from
The ADI processing pipeline only uses log records that contain HTTP Code 200. I mentioned in Bug 1399864 that this should be discussed with IT Data team since they manage the processing today. cc'ing Vyas
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See Also: → 1399864 has more details on the processing pipeline. The 'Aggregate processing Code', specifically the HiveQL query needs to be updated to include 304 status code.
I wrote up bug #1440745 to fix the script Socorro uses to fetch ADI data from hive. I'll start working on that now.
See Also: → 1439526

I believe this is fixed and thus closing it for now.

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