layout broken on macos on retina display if non-retina display is on




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I'm seeing weird behavior on when having both a retina and a low-dpi monitor on my macbook.

It works on the low-dpi monitor, and it breaks on the retina display, if the external monitor is connected.

If I unconnect the external monitor, it works on the retina display again.

I originally thought this was a problem, so it's filed as

I'm seeing this on both 58 and 60.
For whatever it's worth, it works on both my internal hidpi laptop display and my external lodpi display on Linux (Fedora 25) using 2018-01-22 (59) and 2018-02-23 (60) nightlies.
I can reproduce this on my macOS 10.12 with 2018-02-23 Nightly.
I cannot reproduce this on Firefox 52, so it seems to be a regression.
mozregression gives me this range:

So it's likely a regression from bug 1194751, which seems to be plausible.

Looking at the commit message, if this is mac-specific, likely related to part 8.
Blocks: 1194751
Flags: needinfo?(mstange)
Component: Layout → Widget: Cocoa
Keywords: regression
Priority: -- → P2
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