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Allow filtering console by multiple expressions


(DevTools :: Console, enhancement, P3)

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It should be possible to filter the console messages by multiple expressions. This would allow for more advanced filtering.

The simplest solution for that probably is to split the entered expressions by spaces, meaning an entered filter string of "foo bar" (without quotes) would match a logged message when it contains "foo" and "bar" anywhere and in any order.

To still allow matching the whole string, one solution would be to require wrapping it into quotes. So to match the exact expression "foo bar", you'd have to write it with the quotes.
To match quotes within an expression, they would then need to be escaped like with a backslash. So, to match the string '"foo"' (without the surrounding single quotes), you'd have to write \"foo\".

Blocks: 1441085
Product: Firefox → DevTools
Priority: -- → P3
Severity: normal → S3
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