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User reviews count from Add-ons manager is inconsistent with the new AMO frontend


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firefox58 --- unaffected
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[Affected versions]:
- Firefox 60.0a1 (20180227221355)

[Affected platforms]:
- Win 10 64-bit
- Mac OS X 10.13.2
- Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit

[Steps to reproduce]:
1.Install the following add-on from AMO:
2.After the installation is complete, go to about:addons and check the installed add-on in the Extensions tab.
3.Click on 'More' to see the extension details and observe the number of reviews displayed
4.Click on <# reviews> link to read all the reviews associated with this add-on.

[Expected results]:
- The reviews number observed in addons manager should match the actual written reviews from AMO. The new API should allow the option to ignore empty reviews.

[Actual results]:
- The number of reviews from addons manager is inconsistent  with the number displayed in AMO reviews page.

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Bug 1441841 Use the right count for ratings link in addon details
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Use the right count for ratings link in addon details r=eviljeff
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This is working now. Verified on Windows 10x64 with Firefox 60.0a1 (latest).
Assignee: nobody → aswan
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I can reproduce this issue with the latest Beta build - 66.0b5 on Windows 10 x64 (see the attached screencast).
As far as I know AMO changed its policies on this matter, now even reviews without text are displayed, not sure if this is relevant for the recurrence of this behavior. Should I fill a separate bug?

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To bring some background into this, AMO has done some recent changes to review listing - see issue

At the moment this issue was marked as verified fixed, the behavior was correct.

If we need to change something in the browser, please open a new issue.

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