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Snap shouldn't attempt to read /etc/


(Firefox Build System :: Third Party Packaging, defect, P5)



(firefox59 fix-optional, firefox60 affected)

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firefox59 --- fix-optional
firefox60 --- affected


(Reporter: ken.vandine, Unassigned)



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Steps to reproduce:

Snap shouldn't be looking at /etc/ since it comes from the classic system, but the snap's runtime is the core snap. Things seem to work ok, but if it is trying to do something with the file, it should look at something like $SNAP/etc/
Assignee: nobody → ken.vandine
Blocks: snappy
See Also: → 1441822, 1441884, 1441894
[Tracking Requested - why for this release]: We are looking to release a Firefox Snap for 59. This is a Snap only fix for 59. It has no impact on the regular product.
See Also: → 1442419
See Also: → 1441920
We're building the release candidate today, so this may miss RC1.  I do expect we will have an RC2 later this week though I don't think I'd do one only for this issue.
Johan, this would need to land asap in order to make it into the RC2 build tomorrow .
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I just confirmed with Canonical this bug is minor and has no user impact. They are okay to release 59.0 without this patch. My apologies, I misunderstood the impact. Un-tracking this release for 59.
Severity: normal → minor
Ever confirmed: true
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Is this about Firefox reading /etc/  If so, it's probably due to bug 1387837, and it's harmless if the Snap container's libraries are all in /lib and /usr/lib (or lib64).
Component: Release Automation: Other → Release Automation: Snap
See Also: → 1623696
Severity: minor → S3
Priority: -- → P5

The bug assignee is inactive on Bugzilla, so the assignee is being reset.

Assignee: ken.vandine → nobody
Component: Release Automation: Snap → Third Party Packaging
Product: Release Engineering → Firefox Build System
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