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(Reporter: amiyaguchi, Assigned: videetssinghai, Mentored)



Firefox Tracking Flags

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The functionality for this probe was removed in bug 1252375.
To help Mozilla out with this bug, here's the steps:

0) Comment here on the bug that you want to volunteer to help. I (or someone else) will assign it to you.
1) Download and build the Firefox source code:
- If you have any problems, please ask on IRC ( in the #introduction channel. They're there to help you get started.
- You can also read the Developer Guide, which has answers to most development questions:
2) Start working on this bug. You'll be editing toolkit/components/telemetry/Histograms.json to remove the histogram definition for MEMORY_HEAP_COMMITTED_UNUSED. You may also need to check if the probe is referenced in histograms-whitelist.json.
- If you have any problems with this bug, please comment on this bug and set the needinfo flag for me. Also, you can find me and my teammates on the #telemetry channel on IRC ( most hours of most days.
3) Build your change with `mach build` and test your change with `mach test toolkit/components/telemetry/tests/`.
4) Submit the patch for review. Mark me as a reviewer so I'll get an email to come look at your code.
- Here's the guide:
5) After a series of reviews and changes to your patch, I'll mark it for checkin or push it to autoland. Your code will soon be shipping to Firefox users worldwide!
6) you get to think about what kind of bug you'd like to work on next. Let me know what you're interested in and I can help you find your next contribution.
Mentor: chutten
Whiteboard: [good first bug] [lang=js]

Comment 2

Last year
I would like to take this as my first bug
Excellent! Please let me know if you have any questions.
Assignee: nobody → videetssinghai
Priority: -- → P4

Comment 4

Last year
I had a doubt- 
In mercurial how do I create a local branch?
For eg in git we usually create a local branch and then work on it 
If we need to do some other changes we shift to another local branch.

How I do that in mercurial so that I can still work till my changes are approved?
Unfortunately that I cannot help you with. I actually use git (through an adapter) to work on firefox[1]. But you can try asking on #developers on IRC ( where lots of devs with hg experience hang out.


Comment 6

Last year
firefox-dev@firefox-dev:~/mozilla-central$ hg push review
pushing to
searching for appropriate review repository
redirecting push to
(ignoring public changeset bddc2ca64921 in review request)
abort: no non-public changesets left to review
(add or change the -r argument to include draft changesets)

I am getting this error while "hg push review"
please help
Comment hidden (mozreview-request)

Comment 8

Last year
Comment on attachment 8955643 [details]
Bug 1442402 - Removed probe for MEMORY_HEAP_COMMITTED_UNUSED

Looks good! I'll send this to autoland.

A quick tip for next time: when you submit a patch, be sure to put a r?<reviewer's name> so that someone gets an email to remind them to review your patch. In a bug with a Mentors field, you can choose a mentor to put in there, like r?chutten in this case.

Have you given any thought to what you might want to work on next? If you tell me what you're interested in, I might be able to help you find something along those lines.
Attachment #8955643 - Flags: review+

Comment 9

Last year
Pushed by
Removed probe for MEMORY_HEAP_COMMITTED_UNUSED r=chutten

Comment 10

Last year
Thank you Chris, I am interested in working with core c++ Mozilla engine. It would be awesome if you know any good beginner's bug in that area.
Closed: Last year
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla60
A quick look around doesn't show anything in layout or paint or things like that, but I do know of a "good next bug" in C++ in Telemetry: bug 1430531 is about multi-thread locking and order of operations. Does that sound interesting?
See Also: → 1441716
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