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minidump_stackwalk not being invoked correctly on Mac mochitest-chrome test: "MINIDUMP_STACKWALK binary not found: /usr/local/bin/linux64-minidump_stackwalk"


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(firefox60 fixed)

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Here's a test which crashed, but for which there is no crash stack:

Instead, it has the message "MINIDUMP_STACKWALK binary not found: /usr/local/bin/linux64-minidump_stackwalk"

This is job is running on macOS, so maybe it's looking for the wrong minidump_stackwalk program.
There's a mac version of minidump_stackwalk that should be used instead. It seems to be correctly configured in

but since bug 1410250 landed, that's being over-ridden by the linux config in
Blocks: 1410250
08:27:56     INFO - Run as mozharness/scripts/ --cfg mozharness/configs/unittests/ --cfg mozharness/configs/ --mochitest-suite=chrome --no-read-buildbot-config --installer-url --test-packages-url --download-symbols true --mochitest-suite=chrome --total-chunk=3 --this-chunk=3
08:27:56     INFO -  'minidump_stackwalk_path': '/usr/local/bin/linux64-minidump_stackwalk',
:jmaher - Do you know if the config is correct and appropriate for mac? Do you know why is being used on mac?
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this is a good question- I believe we should clean up many things like --no-read-buildbot-config and look over our mozharness/configs scripts now that we are all on taskcluster.

I honestly never understood the use of I just knew that it was needed in migrating to taskcluster.  Happy to see any of this change.
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The example from comment 0,

is actually mochitest-chrome, M(c3). I'm pretty sure browser-chrome is okay.
Summary: minidump_stackwalk not being invoked correctly on Mac browser-chrome test: "MINIDUMP_STACKWALK binary not found: /usr/local/bin/linux64-minidump_stackwalk" → minidump_stackwalk not being invoked correctly on Mac mochitest-chrome test: "MINIDUMP_STACKWALK binary not found: /usr/local/bin/linux64-minidump_stackwalk"
I'm not sure how/why/when this fault was introduced, but it seems easy to correct. With this patch, remove_executables will no longer be used for any mac test task. Tests still seem to work okay, and minidump_stackwalk consistently points to the mac version:

INFO -  'minidump_stackwalk_path': 'macosx64-minidump_stackwalk'
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remove mac remove_executables from configs

Review of attachment 8956217 [details] [diff] [review]:

we should be able to do this someday for our other tests as well!
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Simplify and correct mozharness configuration for some macosx64 tests; r=jmaher
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