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Fennec: Form changes invoke SessionStore more-or-less immediately causing low Speedometer scores


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Firefox 60
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Speedometer 2.0 frequently changes 100 checkboxes all at once (completeAllItems()).  On fennec (but not on focus-android with klarGeckoArm/x86Debug) this causes a very large amount of CPU time to be spent in collect() in SessionStore, gathering form data.  (75% of the time in a profile of the running portion of the test, excluding the refreshdriver section).

This is seen in the InteractiveRunner.html test of speedometer in the "completeAllItems(sync)" case.  This also causes a high variation in scores.

For Vanilla-ToDoMVC, on a Galaxy S7, focus-Gecko takes 100-200ms for completeAllItems(sync); fennec takes 1-2 seconds, 10x worse.  With Sessionstore neutered with a 'return' in handleEvent, it takes 200-300ms.

I presume sessionstore could be delayed and batched for a short period, or deferred until idle with some maximum, etc.  Users rarely change many form controls at once, but JS on a page might (SelectAll or UncheckAll, etc).  Even for the 1-element case it might have some impact on responsiveness of the browser to react to an input change.
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This also implies that a series of events (like UnselectAll for checkboxes)
will be batched.
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Note: still need to verify it's saving dynamically
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fix 1-char typo.  Note that test_session_form_data.html will need to be adjusted; it assumes synchronous saving.
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passes test locally; pushing try for verification
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delay SessionStore for Fennec on input events r=snorp
Update android formdata sessionstore test for delayed save r=snorp
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