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Port bug 1443604 to TB: Flatten handler bindings


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Thunderbird 60.0


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This looks easy to port and if we can simplify the xml, then let's do it.
Direct port of

I only changed the 'gMainPane' to 'gApplicationsPane'.
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I can review this tonight, it still works without it, right?
Yes, it's no bustage fix.
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I looked at the "in content" preferences and see no difference with the patch.

However, the text size in those preferences is now much smaller than in a build of two days ago, 60.0a1 (2018-03-06) (64-bit). That affects both the right and the left sides. In fact, the "in content" option and the Add-on Manager now have different text size and spacing. The spacing is now 40px for options and 50px for add-ons. So that looks pretty inconsistent now :-(

I this a known issue?
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There was no recent change. I see also no change in size between today build and a older one. The spacing is the same of FX. The difference is better visible because we use a gray background on the left.
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Wow, changing the default font also changes the font of the "in content" prefs :-(

I had Calibri in my testing profile and that was smaller. This makes it inconsistent with the Add-ons Manager. I think this is a bug.
Do you want to file a bug? Then I can look if I can define to use the same font as the Add-ons Manager.
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Port bug 1443604 to TB: Flatten handler bindings. r=jorgk
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