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Firefox Screenshots content updates


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Some missing or outdated content on the SUMO page:

* Screenshots can be started from the context menu as well as from the page action menu.

* Firefox Screenshots _does_ now work in private browsing mode, but uploads are disabled.

* Uploads are also disabled:
  * in ESR Firefox
  * if the `extensions.screenshots.upload-disabled` pref is set to true
  * if 'Never remember history' is enabled

* If the Screenshots server seems to be unavailable, users can check its status by visiting (If the user's network is down, or the server is down, they should still be able to copy and download shots.)

* Users can access their saved shots from the 'Screenshots' entry in the Library menu.

Happy to answer any additional questions; just needinfo me, or drop by #screenshots on IRC.

Hi Joni - Would you mind updating the Screenshots SUMO page with the updates from the bug description? Thanks!
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Thanks for the need info. Here's the updated article:

Please let me know if you need anything else.
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Thanks! Came up with a few more things to add / change:

* This answer is no longer correct:

As of Firefox 58, Screenshots *is* enabled in private browsing mode, but *uploads* are still disabled in private browsing mode. Also, shots downloaded in private browsing mode *are* correctly shown in the private browsing download manager.

* An additional troubleshooting tip: Screenshots will not work if users have set `privacy.resistFingerprinting` to true in about:config.

* Would you mind adding a section that explains how to share a screenshot? There's a share card that can be triggered either from My Shots, or from an individual shot page, by clicking the 'share' icon.

Thanks very much for your help :-)
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Thanks for the changes, Jared. I've updated the article. Let us know if there's anything else we need to change:
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Hi Joni - Thanks for the updates. A couple remaining points:

- I'd probably suggest removing the line about `privacy.resistFingerprinting` here: If `privacy.resistFingerprinting` is enabled, it'll look like the screenshot feature is working, but the actual images will be blank files.

- Ah, and this one's slightly off, too: Users can download, but not upload, in private browsing, and it should use the private browsing download manager

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Thanks for clarifying, @jhirsch. 

I've removed the line about privacy.resistfingerprinting.

I've also reworded the second point to:

"While you can capture screenshots in the following settings, you cannot upload them. Downloaded screenshots will show up in your Downloads manager in Private Browsing when you click the Library button."

Is this accurate?
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That sounds great! Thanks again for your help :-)
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Hi Joni.  I have another question for this page:

> What happens when a shot expires?
> By default, screenshots saved online will expire in two weeks. After they expire the page to view the shot:
>  *  Will no longer display the shot but will show the domain the shot was taken at
>  *  If you took the shot and visit the page within two weeks of its expiration you will see an option on the page to restore the image. After two weeks the image will be permanently deleted.
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Thanks, Wil. We've updated the page.
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