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Attempt to rename existing DAMP labels on perfherder


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From Bug 1441703

> The test labels don't follow a clear pattern today: 
> - we have "webconsole" and "console" in the perfherder labels
> - the tests named "*.debugger" use labels containing ".jsdebugger"
> - the memory test uses the labels "*.memory", "*.saveHeapSnapshot", 
>   "*.readHeapSnapshot", but is named "*.saveAndReadHeapSnapshot" 
> - the tool name is sometimes the first part of the label 
>   ("inspector.layout"), sometimes the last part ("simple.inspector")

It would be nice to rename the labels without losing the historical perf data so that we can have consistent names, that correspond to the folders used in /devtools (debugger and webconsole, not jsdebugger and console).
Joel, Do you know if that is possible to rename a subtest without loosing its history?
i.e. it would still draw the data in perfherder when it had the old subtest name in older changesets.
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I am 99% sure that there will be no history.  You can push to try and look at the data for the subtest in perfherder- then look at it over longer time- I suspect there will only be data points related to your try push(es)
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For some reason I was convinced something had been done to accommodate the "stylo" keyword being added to all talos tests.
This ended up creating new subtests.
For example, 
  damp opt e10s
  damp opt e10s stylo
The test name didn't changed, but keywords did. Thus, you have to select the two tests in perfherder to have a one year view:,1654655,1,1&series=mozilla-central,1556675,1,1

I already tweaked devtools dashboard to accomodate this. It automatically displays one year data by fetching from multiple subtests. I could do the same with subtest renames.

Also, the dashboard provides links to PerfHerder. Today, it only links to the latest subtest id, but I could possibly provide a link like the one I gave here to display all necessary subtests.

Julian, do you think that's reasonable? The only issue I see here is that PerfHerder is going to be even harder to use without opening it from devtools dashboard.
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I would prefer to discuss it as the next perf standup. I personally don't mind, I'm relying on the DevTools dashboard more than on perfherder anyway.

Keeping the ni? until the item has been brought up.
Thanks for bringing that up during the perf standup. Let's move forward with this by following the path of our tests in the file system.
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