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Intermittent test262/intl402/supportedLocalesOf-unicode-extensions-ignored.js | (args: "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/") | (TIMEOUT) [300.0 s]


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[task 2018-03-12T13:44:42.052Z] TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test262/intl402/supportedLocalesOf-unicode-extensions-ignored.js | (args: "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/") | (TIMEOUT) [300.0 s]
[task 2018-03-12T13:44:42.053Z] {"action": "test_start", "pid": 67892, "source": "jstests", "test": "test262/intl402/supportedLocalesOf-unicode-extensions-ignored.js", "thread": "main", "time": 1520861982.012249}
[task 2018-03-12T13:44:42.054Z] {"action": "test_end", "extra": {"jitflags": [], "shell_args": "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/"}, "pid": 67892, "source": "jstests", "status": "FAIL", "test": "test262/intl402/supportedLocalesOf-unicode-extensions-ignored.js", "thread": "main", "time": 1520862282.052897}
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In the last 7 days there are 31 failures associated with this bug.
They occur on linux64 debug.
Recent failure log:

Waldo: Hi, Can you please have a look into this? Thanks!
Flags: needinfo?(jwalden+bmo)
Whiteboard: [stockwell needswork]
When locally running this test in an opt-debug build, about 75% or so of the time was spent parsing and validating language tags in assert statements. Maybe it helps to (re)move some of these assert calls?
This bug has failed 42 times in the last 7 days. This occurs on Linux64 on debug build type.

Recent log:

Waldo: Can you please take a look at this bug?
Attached patch bug1444917.patchSplinter Review
- The patch moves the language tag checking from |startOfUnicodeExtensions| and |endOfUnicodeExtensions| to their callers, so we don't check it first in |startOfUnicodeExtensions| and then shortly after again in |endOfUnicodeExtensions|.
- Additionally the language tag validation is now performed in a macro, so we don't need to parse the tag an additional time when calling |CanonicalizeLanguageTag|.
  - I'm using a macro instead of a function call to ensure debug assertion messages point to the correct source location in the self-hosted code.

The reduces the time needed to complete "test262/intl402/supportedLocalesOf-unicode-extensions-ignored.js" in a debug-opt build by 50% for me, which should be enough to fix the intermittent issue.
Assignee: nobody → andrebargull
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There are 31 total failures in the last 30 days, all on linux64 debug. 

Recent failure log:

[task 2018-11-05T18:46:32.894Z] TEST-PASS | test262/built-ins/Array/prototype/forEach/ | (args: "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/") [0.1 s]
[task 2018-11-05T18:46:32.895Z] {"action": "test_start", "jitflags": [], "pid": 28395, "shell_args": "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/", "source": "jstests", "test": "test262/built-ins/Array/prototype/forEach/", "thread": "main", "time": 1541443592.756052}
[task 2018-11-05T18:46:32.895Z] {"action": "test_end", "extra": {"jitflags": [], "pid": 28395, "shell_args": "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/"}, "jitflags": [], "pid": 28395, "shell_args": "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/", "source": "jstests", "status": "PASS", "test": "test262/built-ins/Array/prototype/forEach/", "thread": "main", "time": 1541443592.895035}
[task 2018-11-05T18:46:32.898Z] TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test262/intl402/supportedLocalesOf-unicode-extensions-ignored.js | (args: "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/") | (TIMEOUT) [300.1 s]
[task 2018-11-05T18:46:32.899Z] {"action": "test_start", "jitflags": [], "pid": 98979, "shell_args": "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/", "source": "jstests", "test": "test262/intl402/supportedLocalesOf-unicode-extensions-ignored.js", "thread": "main", "time": 1541443292.83554}
[task 2018-11-05T18:46:32.900Z] {"action": "test_end", "extra": {"jitflags": [], "pid": 98979, "shell_args": "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/"}, "jitflags": [], "pid": 98979, "shell_args": "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/", "source": "jstests", "status": "FAIL", "test": "test262/intl402/supportedLocalesOf-unicode-extensions-ignored.js", "thread": "main", "time": 1541443592.899419}
[task 2018-11-05T18:46:32.903Z] TEST-PASS | test262/built-ins/Array/prototype/forEach/ | (args: "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/") [0.1 s]
[task 2018-11-05T18:46:32.904Z] {"action": "test_start", "jitflags": [], "pid": 28408, "shell_args": "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/", "source": "jstests", "test": "test262/built-ins/Array/prototype/forEach/", "thread": "main", "time": 1541443592.764575}
[task 2018-11-05T18:46:32.904Z] {"action": "test_end", "extra": {"jitflags": [], "pid": 28408, "shell_args": "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/"}, "jitflags": [], "pid": 28408, "shell_args": "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/", "source": "jstests", "status": "PASS", "test": "test262/built-ins/Array/prototype/forEach/", "thread": "main", "time": 1541443592.903446}

A patch has been made and is currently waiting for review.
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Combine tests for valid and canonical language tags in assertions. r=Waldo
Keywords: checkin-needed
Closed: 2 years ago11 months ago
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