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Top Sites runs `refresh` at startup even when disabled


(Firefox :: New Tab Page, defect, P3)




Firefox 61
61.3 - Apr 23
Tracking Status
firefox60 --- wontfix
firefox61 --- fixed


(Reporter: jryans, Assigned: andreio)




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1. Disable Top Sites via the newtab gear UI
  * This sets the pref "browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.showTopSites" to false
2. TopSitesFeed.jsm#refresh is still called for at least the `INIT` action, leading to screenshot collection that will go unused
Priority: -- → P3
Looks like the issue here is that we have 2 different prefs for controlling Topsites
* browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.feeds.topsites decides if the feed gets initialized 
* browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.showTopSites decides if the section is visible
And you would need to set both to false.

This issue should probably focus on consolidating the pref into one. Sounds like a dependency for bug 1445158.
Blocks: 1445158
Do you know if there are any blockers preventing us from switching away from `showTopSites` and only use `feeds.topsites`?
Flags: needinfo?(khudson)
I can't really think of anything, but there might have been a reason we used a different pref – perhaps check the git history just in case?
Flags: needinfo?(khudson)
A related question is if there's anything that depends on TopSitesFeed running? E.g., TOP_SITES_UPDATED would no longer be dispatched and related TopSites.initialized would always be false?

Or any actions that depend on the feed running? TOP_SITES_PIN / PREVIEW stuff are handled there but probably don't need to do anything if we aren't showing top sites… ?
Closed: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Blocks: 1454074
Assignee: nobody → andrei.br92
Iteration: --- → 61.3 - Apr 23
Component: Activity Streams: Newtab → New Tab Page
See Also: → 1617345
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