Open Bug 1446319 Opened 5 years ago Updated 2 months ago

Captive Portal freed notifications do not propagate into captive portal error pages in iframes


(Firefox :: Security, enhancement, P3)

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(Reporter: johannh, Unassigned)



In bug 1297630 we fixed chrome - content communication for cert error pages in iframes, but we deferred fixing the "CaptivePortalFreed" broadcast because we don't really have a good (consistent) way of broadcasting to content pages.
Interesting, I can't remember if this came up while implementing CaptivePortalWatcher etc.

I'm wondering how likely it is for a user to encounter this issue. What are the odds of seeing this in an *iframe*, when they basically have no access to the internet?

Maybe enterprise users who are connecting to some intranet site will see this if the site tries to display internet content in an iframe?
Severity: normal → S3
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