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Unified telemetry reporting format for InjectEject actions


(External Software Affecting Firefox :: Telemetry, enhancement)



(firefox61 affected)

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Develop a more unified way to organize InjectEject telemetry reporting. We will potentially have many different telemetry probes to include, potentially for every telemetry mechanism. Benefits of unification may be:

* To keep related data together. Blocking a DLL and blocking a thread for example deserve to be next to each other.
* Optimize payload size. We could collect stack data for example for almost every InjectEject telemetry probe, and this data is heavily optimizable if we pack it all together so every probe doesn't get its own stack trace section.
* Create a robust, reusable gateway between ITelemetryImpl all the way down to mozglue.

Per platint standup yesterday, mozglue already uses DllBlocklist_WriteNotes to record some telemetry data. We should consider if this data is actually consumed, and if not, rework it into this format.
Component: General → Telemetry
Product: Core → External Software Affecting Firefox
Version: Trunk → unspecified
Severity: normal → S3
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