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Rename FromContent to FromNode


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In bug 1446533 I changed FromContent to take an nsINode*, because that was useful in some places.  Turns out that compiles fine.  Given that, I'd like to rename it to nsINode.
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Some condition functions are faster on subclasses of nsINode than on nsINode itself.
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part 3.  Add some FromNode overloads for different arg types

Review of attachment 8960772 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: dom/base/nsIContent.h
@@ +1013,3 @@
>  #define NS_IMPL_FROMNODE_HELPER(_class, _check)                         \
> +  template<typename ArgType>                                            \
> +  static _class* FromNode(ArgType* aNode)                               \

Hmm, this is a lot more overloads than seems like should be necessary...

This I think would let you avoid the need for a special overload for smart pointers

#define NS_IMPL_FROMNODE_HELPER(_class, _check) \
  template<typename ArgType> \
  static _class* FromNode(ArgType&& aNode) { \
    return aNode->_check ? static_cast<_class*>(static_cast<nsINode*>(aNode)) : nullptr; \
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To preserve current semantics, we need something to handle "nsINode* -> Foo*", "const nsINode* -> const Foo*", "const RefPtr<nsINode> -> Foo*" (no const on the return type here).  I don't think the rvalue proposal does that (and in particular it fails to compile as-is when "const nsIContent*" is the ArgType; I did try it before ending up with the thing I have now).
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Pushed by
part 1.  Rename FromContent on various DOM classes to FromNode.  r=mystor
part 2.  Rename the NS_IMPL_FROMCONTENT macros to NS_IMPL_FROMNODE.  r=mystor
part 3.  Add some FromNode overloads for different arg types.  r=mystor
Depends on: 1447940
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