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In bug 1446533 I changed FromContent to take an nsINode*, because that was useful in some places.  Turns out that compiles fine.  Given that, I'd like to rename it to nsINode.
Some condition functions are faster on subclasses of nsINode than on nsINode itself.
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part 3.  Add some FromNode overloads for different arg types

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::: dom/base/nsIContent.h
@@ +1013,3 @@
>  #define NS_IMPL_FROMNODE_HELPER(_class, _check)                         \
> +  template<typename ArgType>                                            \
> +  static _class* FromNode(ArgType* aNode)                               \

Hmm, this is a lot more overloads than seems like should be necessary...

This I think would let you avoid the need for a special overload for smart pointers

#define NS_IMPL_FROMNODE_HELPER(_class, _check) \
  template<typename ArgType> \
  static _class* FromNode(ArgType&& aNode) { \
    return aNode->_check ? static_cast<_class*>(static_cast<nsINode*>(aNode)) : nullptr; \
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To preserve current semantics, we need something to handle "nsINode* -> Foo*", "const nsINode* -> const Foo*", "const RefPtr<nsINode> -> Foo*" (no const on the return type here).  I don't think the rvalue proposal does that (and in particular it fails to compile as-is when "const nsIContent*" is the ArgType; I did try it before ending up with the thing I have now).
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part 1.  Rename FromContent on various DOM classes to FromNode.  r=mystor
part 2.  Rename the NS_IMPL_FROMCONTENT macros to NS_IMPL_FROMNODE.  r=mystor
part 3.  Add some FromNode overloads for different arg types.  r=mystor
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