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Lightning 5.4.6 messes up with ORGANIZER email


(Calendar :: E-mail based Scheduling (iTIP/iMIP), defect)

Lightning 5.4.6
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Steps to reproduce:

A series of calendars with different email addresses assigned to it
I created an invitation in my private calendar to which "" is assigned

Actual results:

Lightning messes up with the ORGANIZER and adds a SENT-BY to the ORGANIZER as follows:

PRODID:-// Mozilla Calendar V1.1//EN

Expected results:

As with previous versions, I expect Lightning to make use of only the eMail-Address address assigned to that calendar.

Component: General → E-mail based Scheduling (iTIP/iMIP)
I'm seeing this as well when i move an event which already has attendees from a local calendar to a caldav calendar and change the organizer that way, but it's currently hard to realy debug due to bug 1447830.

What calendar type are you using? Is this only with Caldav calendars or also an issue with local ones? If this only a caldav calendar issue, do you have a different calendar owner configured serverside then you have assigned as identity in Lightning?
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I am using CalDAV only, based on davical.

Yes, on serverside, I do have a different calendar owner than assigned as identity in Lightning.  If this is the intended behavior though, is there any opportunity to force Lightning sending as the local identity only? 

For many of my friends having different local identities (than as a calendar owner) is a huge benefit of Lightning....
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There's no such way to change the behaviour client-side atm, since it is hard coded - your use case probably simply wasn't considered when this was introduced.

What I can think off is a hidden pref as a band aid here with default value set to the current behaviour - we need to re-consider the mechanism in a broader context some day anyway, since calendar delegation currently works poorly in some scenarios.

Philipp, do you have any objections to make in customizable?
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The plan was to use the ACL manager interfaces to allow multiple addresses per calendar, some server-provided. I'm open to a band-aid for the release though.
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Today, a few days after upgrading to the latest version of TB/Lightning, I realized that is still / again colliding with my setup of different CalDAV-calendars, each one with an email address out of a set of three email addresses, i.e. I do have three email addresses which I make use of to send or accept invitations.

With latest, stable Lightning (68.4.2), this bus still persists. Is there any way I can support?

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