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Convert DOMEvent to tracing markers


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When capturing _during_ a DOMEvent, we don't see the marker of it in the captured profile. This happens because a DOMEvent marker is an interval marker that's being emitted after the event finishes. Because DOMEvent can have a big duration in some problematic cases, it makes sense to convert it to a tracing marker instead.

Of course we need to keep the current payload associated with the marker.

This is where the marker is emitted [1], the code is quite self-contained.

Moving this to "DOM: Events" but please move it back to Gecko Profiler if you think this is a better component. This bug actually belongs to both components :-)
Component: Gecko Profiler → DOM: Events
Component: DOM: Events → Gecko Profiler
More context and details about reproducing this issue are referenced in this comment:
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I also created a PR for perf.html. Please see it here:
Without the PR on the perf.html side, it doesn't show the marker rectangle since we are giving the "Infinity" width. So we had to change it to a max number value to display it properly.
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I redirected to Markus because I don't feel confident enough to review something there :)

My 2 cents would be that we still need things from the DOMEventMarkerPayload: the type, the phase.
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Bug 1447973 - Convert DOMEvent markers to tracing markers instead

Removing the review request for now. Talked with julienw and it appears this requires a different approach. Working on that.
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The perf.html part is not completely finished yet but wanted to push the m-c side so I can get some early feedback :)
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Bug 1447973 - Convert DOMEvent markers to use tracing markers

Looks good to me!
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This works good enough and Markus already gave an r+ so it looks good to me as well. I'm only a bit sad that we're not using a similar approach than for existing tracing markers were one object controls emitting the markers. I would have liked seeing this approach generalized so that it's more easily used elsewhere.

But we can do that later if we actually need it elsewhere.
I created a PR for this bug. Please see:

Hi, julienw. Hm, I think we can do that. Also doing it on a new bug looks okay to me.
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Convert DOMEvent markers to use tracing markers r=mstange
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