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Automatically remove "/test-oop-extensions" part from the path specified for "./mach test"


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While working on intermittent failure or something, the bug report may contain the path with ".../test-oop-extensions/..." (e.g. bug 1442101),
but specifying that path doesn't work on "./mach test", because it cannot find the file.
it would be nice if "./mach test" and maybe "./mach mochitest" can remove that part automatically and run the test.
Oh weird, that's not ideal. It looks like we're creating a 'test-oop-extensions' directory in the test package:

I'm not sure what the motivations were for this but my opinion is that the test package should exactly mirror the srcdir layout. So my vote to fix this would be to figure out why we're packaging the tests like this and figure out an alternative solution that preserves directory structure.

Note, we eventually want to run tests directly from the srcdir in CI as well, so removing this test package directory is also a blocker for that effort.
It's also worth noting that 'test-oop-extensions' is the only thing using the 'install-to-subdir' mozbuild variable. So removing it would also allow us to reduce complexity in mozbuild.
Priority: -- → P2
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