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bookmark will not display over 30 records in one bookmark submenu in Firefox60(ESR)


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Steps to reproduce:

I use beta version 60.0 beta6 64bit,and I found that bookmark will not display over 30 records in one bookmark submenu,
but when I go to the bookmarked website,FireFox shows that the site has already been "bookmarked",and I can not find it display on the bookmark menu.
Please fix this issue.thanks a lot.
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Are you sure the bookmark is exactly in that folder? Could it be you have 2 folders with the same name?
You should be able to click on the Star, open the folder picker, and check the full path to the bookmark to be sure.

Fwiw, bookmark menus don't have a limit to the number of entries, but they can scroll (there's tiny arrows at the top and bottom of the menu)
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that doesn't answer any of my questions.
FWIW, the Photon "Library" button only shows your recent bookmarks. If you click "Show All Bookmarks", it'll open the Library window. Do you see your bookmarks there, and are you able to search for them? See Mak's questions in comment 1, too. :-)

If you still the issue, a screencap using something like would be great.
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beta version 60.0 beta7 fixed this.
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