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Release geckodriver 0.20.1


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I’m running into problems releasing the mozrunner crate:

> % cd testing/mozbase/rust/mozrunner
> % cargo publish
>     Updating registry ``
> error: all path dependencies must have a version specified when publishing.
> dependency `mozprofile` does not specify a version
It is fine to do the attached review in the mean time, but before
we can release from (sigh) GitHub, we need to resolve the mozrunner
problem since Travis picks up the crate from
rillian: In
I tried publishing the mozrunner crate but faced a warning from
cargo that “path dependencies must have a version specified when

As far as I can tell, mozprofile _does_ have a version specified,
both in its Cargo.toml [1] and the central lockfile [2].  I’ve tried
various incantations of "cargo update -p <crate name>" across
mozprofile, mozrunner, mozversion, and geckodriver to no avail.

I vaguely remember this worked after we had moved to using cargo
workspaces when I published mozrunner 0.6.0, but I’m not sure.  Did
anything else change recently that could have affected this?  Maybe
the latest Rust upgrade?

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Bug 1449877 - Update geckodriver changelog for 0.20.1.

::: testing/geckodriver/
(Diff revision 1)
>  Change log
>  ==========
>  All notable changes to this program is documented in this file.
> +0.20.1 (2018-04-03)

Make sure to update the date once we are ready to land the patch.
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Bug 1449877 - Release geckodriver 0.20.1.
Attachment #8964515 - Flags: review?(hskupin) → review+
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To quote froydnj on #build:

> it *does* seem weird to me that you would have to give path
> dependencies explicit versions (the version is right there in the
> the pointed-to Cargo.toml!) but maybe it's done deliberately, to
> avoid releasing versions that have, say, particular patch-version
> dependencies, when all you need is a certain minor version or
> minor-version dependencies, when all you need is a major version

By hot-patching testing/mozbase/rust/mozrunner/Cargo.toml to point
to mozprofile = "0.3.0" and releasing is with "cargo publish
--allow-dirty", I was able to get mozrunner 0.6.1 out there.

This pain of assembling the build (including having to manually
change geckodriver’s Cargo.toml path dependencies to the correct
versions on GitHub) will go away once we fix the long tail of
dependencies preventing us from releasing off TaskCluster.
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Update geckodriver changelog for 0.20.1. r=whimboo
Release geckodriver 0.20.1. r=whimboo
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The release has not completely done yet. So reopening.
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