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Wording of Treeherder view for brand-new Try push is still sometimes the unfriendly version


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I just pushed some patches to Try:\

and opened the Treeherder link printed by the mercurial command.

The Treeherder message displayed on that page was "This repository is either unknown to Treeherder or it does not exist" (see attached screenshot).

I would expect the displayed message to be the "Waiting for a push with revision" message; my understanding is this was fixed in bug 1440862.
I'll take a look.
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And again with

(I'm just posting additional links in case they are useful as additional data points for investigation.)
I'm having a hard time reproducing this.  It gives them "Waiting for a push..." message for me.  But I'm wondering if it's a race condition where our query for the names of the repos has not yet returned and so we punt to the unfriendly message.  If reloading the page once or twice fixes it, that could be what's happening.  

Taking a deeper look at the code to safeguard this now...
I was able to reproduce this locally.  I have a solution in a PR for bug 1408791.  It will fix this as well.  No, really this time...
Depends on: 1408791
Fixed by:

Commit pushed to master at
Bug 1408791 - Move to using react2angular (#3462)
Closed: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
(In reply to Botond Ballo [:botond] from comment #8)
> Started seeing this again today. Example push:
> jobs?repo=try&revision=b8bebe8e27b28a884192ba8c8eba9aceffe28dc9

And in recent days I see it every time I open a Try link after pushing.
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I broke this with the ``SelectedJob`` context PR.  I should have fetched the revision from the URL at that point.  This new PR does that.
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