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Buildconfig to support __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ macro


(Core :: WebRTC, enhancement, P3)

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(Reporter: bwc, Unassigned)


Here's the snippet:

    if CONFIG['CC_TYPE'] in ('msvc', 'clang-cl'):

Byron, are you planning on fixing this? Otherwise, could you add a bit of context on why we want this and where the change should be made? Thanks!
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Priority: -- → P3
__PRETTY_FUNCTION__ is a macro very similar to __FUNCTION__, except that it expands to a more thorough string representation of the function where it appears. For example, __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ might expand to "virtual void SomeClass::foo(int) const", while __FUNCTION__ would just expand to "foo".
I guess we would want to put this in the file for media/webrtc/signaling?
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